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Your domain's Mail Exchange (or MX records) should point to original mail servers.
This happens when CNAME and MX records in the name server are not properly set. MX record is an address to the server when somebody sends an email to your domain. MX record should be the email server address that you use. You can add MX record by putting the email service server or hosting service server on NowTrust Console > Settings > DNS. If you have your own email server, input its IP or domain. Then, make the CNAME settings all the same--putting email server address. Here are the images that can help you understand.
Deploying NowTrust means you are now allowing NowTrust to route potentially malicious traffic away from your site. You are doing this by changing the current authoritative name servers for your domain. As a result, NowTrust becomes your domain provider with advanced filtering system. NowTrust will stop attackers before they reach your server as well as accelerate performance of your content. Your current hosting provider and registrar remain the same.
Our IDCs are located in the cities of Singapore, Tokyo, Ireland, California and Oregon. These are strategically placed at the center of the highest density Internet Exchange Points around the world. Once you sign up for NowTrust service, you can choose from options shown on a map. There will be no latency wherever you are.
PHP supports the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header through the definitions within the .PHP web files. The definitions are usually entered in the web pages configuration files. To enable HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR forwarding for the retrieval of the connecting users IP address.
Edit a PHP file that is opened every-time your website is visited, configuration files are usually opened each time a user visits. These are often named: config.php, global.php or defines.php
1. Open the PHP file in your favorite text editor.

2. At the top of the configuration file after function ipCheck() {
if (getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR')) {
$ip = getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR');
else {
return $ip;
echo ipCheck();

This configures your script to look for the HTTP-X-FORWARDED-FOR header, and uses that as the clients IP address instead of your proxy IP. 
If successful the IP of users connecting through the proxy service should be visible in the script you are using on your website.
You can delete your website on your dashboard by clicking the trash button in the right-side column.
Yes, your website is vulnerable to risks and NowTrust's protection is totally compatible.
Yes, your website is vulnerable to risks and NowTrust's protection is totally compatible. You need to change the A-record rather than nameservers in order to activate NowTrust.
'Ping' is blocked by the NowTrust policy. Ping is used to check hosting availability and it can result in many malicious actions including DDoS attack.
To test whether a client can access your domain, simply visit your website. It's the proof that both servers run together well. If you want to try to ping specifically, we can make an exception as per your request.  To process this, you need to provide us the IP of the server that will be used for the ping.

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